Litigate, Collaborate or Mediate? Now you can Arbitrate Child Custody – at least in New Jersey

Arbitration is an alternative to a court making a decision. The parties hire a neutral person, known as an arbitrator, to decide the matter. It is like hiring a private judge. For many years, and in many states, arbitration was not allowed for child custody and related issues, especially in the context of divorce.

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What about a legal separation?

A legal separation does not end the marriage.When couples separate legally, they remain legally married, but live separately. They A legal separation can be created by a court order (relatively rare), or by signing a separation agreement that spells out the terms of child custody and support, division of property and debts, and spousal support (i.e. alimony) if any is agreed to.

There are many reasons that some couples choose to separate legally, rather than get divorced. Sometimes the reason is religious, ethical or moral, and sometimes it is for insurance or other reasons.

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Michael P Stokamer, JD. Divorce Mediator

Welcome. I am a Family and Divorce Mediator and a Collaborative Attorney. I started my legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in New York County (Manhattan). From there I went into private practice for myself and handled many different types of cases over the years. One thing that I learned very early on, was that Divorce and Family issues were not suited to the litigation process. Rarely was anyone satisfied with the process. Not the clients, not the lawyers, not the judge. Rarely, did anyone ever feel that they had won, or that the system was a good one for solving their family or divorce related problems.

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