? Independence Day?

Celebrating-Divorce-IndependenceI know a woman who, on the day that her divorce was finalized, put a large Statue of Liberty on her lawn!

On July 4th we celebrate our independence from England. And, although there were stormy years after Independence, the two countries had common interests: There were times that the USA had to help England and that England had to help the USA.

Many people think that divorce results in complete independence. In some ways, it does. But if there are children, there will always be issues that the Parents must resolve.  For example: Divorced couples will need to adjust parenting plans as the kids get older. Problems like job loss or serious illness may make it necessary for them to change their plan or agreement.

In Mediation, the Husband and Wife sit at the same table with the Mediator. They discuss and negotiate all issues and work together to settle their differences fairly.

Just by being involved in the Mediation process, couples learn problem-solving skills. Couples report that the skills they learned in Mediation helped them as issues came up after the divorce.

You and your ex no longer love each other. But like partners in a business who do not get along socially, you will need to work together to maintain the partnership of raising your kids and being good parents.

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