Long Term Divorce

The Divorce ProcessThe 6 day trial lasted more than 5 months. The Family Part decision took more than 10 months more. The appeal was not argued until more than 16 months later. The Appellate Division opinion was not issued until more than 6 months later. Assuming the pre-trial period was only 12 months, this case lasted more than 4 years. “In this intensely contested matrimonial case…[the ] parties presented their respective positions in the course of a six-day trial that commenced on March 28, 2006, and ended August 16, 2006. Judge Cassidy addressed and disposed of all the issues raised by the parties in a memorandum of opinion dated June 29, 2007. After reviewing the record, and in light of prevailing legal standards, we affirm. “Marchev v. Marchev, March 16, 2009.”

The above is the decision of a divorce case in New Jersey that lasted more than 4 years. The emotional and financial costs must have been staggering. Moreover, the final decision of the issues was decided by a judge, not the parties. Perhaps, both were not satisfied. In Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation, the parties are in control of all decisions at all times – not the court system.

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Mike Stokamer,

Separation & Divorce Mediator & Collaborative Attorney

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