DID Prince William and Kate Prepare A PRE-NUP?

? Did they or didn’t they?Did William & Kate Sign a Prenuptial

The BIG question about the recent British Royal Wedding plan was not: “Who designed the Dress?”

…….It was far more important……

DID Prince William and Kate,
Prepare A PRE-NUP ?

As Prince William and his bride, Catherine, (Kate), begin their marriage, we can only wonder about whether or not they signed a prenuptial agreement (“pre-nup”) before taking their vows. My guess is that they must have. For them, a prenup, is a multi-million dollar …oops…., I should say,”pound”, issue! Although most couples begin marriage with more modest assets, a prenup is insurance for wife and husband, against possible asset losses in case of divorce.

What is a prenup?

A prenup is a written contract which a couple enters into before they say “I do”. It spells out how the couple plans to divvy up their property in case of divorce or death. It may also set the terms for how the couple will handle finances and assets during the marriage.

Who benefits from a prenup?

Prenups are not just for the rich. Anyone who wants to protect what they have saved can benefit from one. (Remember: Prenups are like insurance policies for assets.) Prenups are form of smart financial planning.  The couple has settled all the terms before the wedding. Prenups can prevent heartache, and additional loss, in case of divorce.

You should consider a prenup if any of the following applies to you:

[    ] You have assets such as a house, stocks, bonds, and savings or retirement funds.

[    ] You have children from a previous marriage or relationship.

[    ] There is a substantial difference in your wealth and the wealth of your future Spouse.

[    ] You need to or may need to take care of elderly parents or other relatives.

[    ] You can foresee a large growth in your income or assets.

[    ] The marriage is a second marriage for one of you.

[    ] One of you is expecting an inheritance.

When and how to bring up the Prenup discussion:

Discuss it early, well before the wedding, so your discussions will not feel rushed. Be honest about why you want the prenup.

Of course, Prenups are not romantic.  However, they can prevent conflict and save money for the family in case the marriage breaks down. Reminder: A prenup must be prepared and signed before marriage takes place.

We don’t know if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a prenuptial agreement. But whether or not they did………. clearly, it makes sense for a couple with assets to prepare and sign a prenup for themselves.

Like all insurance, couples hope they will never need it.

It is simply a good idea for both bride and groom to have prenup protection.

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