Cost of Divorce

Litigated Divorces cost much more than Mediated DivorcesIn 2004, Parade Magazine reported that a typical American divorce costs $20,000-$50,000 in attorney fees! You can be sure that the cost is much higher today! Another, more recent article, reported that the average cost of a litigated divorce in California averages $45,000 for each party. Most of these costs are attorney fees, and in litigated divorces, attorney costs rise rapidly, and continue for a long time.

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It’s Never Too Late to Mediate

Time out from litigation to try mediationMary and William have been divorced for 2 years. They have one child, Donna, who is 8 years old. Their divorce was a hotly contested one that took almost 2 years to finalize. During that time they had been to court on various motions all related to their daughter Donna, who lived with Mary. The disputes ranged from how much time William would have with Donna, to what school she would go to, what summer camp she would go to, what extracurricular activities she would be enrolled in, and how all of those things would be paid for. Both parents lived in Bergen County, New Jersey, close to the George Washington Bridge.

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They started to fight when the money got tight…

Started to Fight When the Money Got TightBen and Clare were married for 18 years. Their daughter, a high school student, was 17 years old. Ben was a contractor who had made  quite a good living until two years ago when the economy tanked. Before that Clare  had occasional part time jobs and she volunteered for several charities. The glue that held this marriage together was  Ben’s ability to support the family. When that started unraveling, so did the marriage.

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Parent Alienation

Parent AlienationParent Alienation is defined as a deliberate attempt by one parent to distance his or her children from the other parent. The motivation is to break the bond between the child and the other parent. It is very difficult for the alienated parent to overcome parent alienation. Rebuilding a relationship with an alienated child may seem remote or hopeless, but if no effort is made the chance of success is almost non-existent.

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Long Term Divorce

The Divorce ProcessThe 6 day trial lasted more than 5 months. The Family Part decision took more than 10 months more. The appeal was not argued until more than 16 months later. The Appellate Division opinion was not issued until more than 6 months later. Assuming the pre-trial period was only 12 months, this case lasted more than 4 years. “In this intensely contested matrimonial case…[the ] parties presented their respective positions in the course of a six-day trial that commenced on March 28, 2006, and ended August 16, 2006. Judge Cassidy addressed and disposed of all the issues raised by the parties in a memorandum of opinion dated June 29, 2007. After reviewing the record, and in light of prevailing legal standards, we affirm. “Marchev v. Marchev, March 16, 2009.”

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