Back To School (part 1)

Children Going Back To School When Parents Are DivorcedFear and trembling? or Slightly nervous excitement?

I clearly remember the Back to School stress that I had almost every year from Kindergarten through college, and even in law school. Although it has been many years, I remember my big sister who was 12 years older than I was, taking me to my first day at kindergarten. Everyone assembled in the auditorium, and I felt miserable when the adults had to leave. For several years thereafter, my first day of school was preceded by a day of anxiety and fear.

It is normal for children to feel anxious as they prepare for a new school year. Hey, most adults feel nervous when they are starting a new job, or going for an interview. For children each New Year is a new beginning – New it is scary. Being afraid of the unknown is human nature. However, children who see conflict between their divorcing or separating parents may feel these fears more intensely. Their fear of what will happen at home, can increase their fear of the “unknown” school year ahead of them.

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