Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative Divorce

In this option, the Husband and Wife each hire their own specially trained Collaborative Lawyer to help work out solutions. The lawyers sign an agreement not to go to court, but rather to help the couple to discuss all issues and help agree on what is best for the family. If either the husband or the wife chooses to go to court, both lawyers must withdraw from the case and the couple will have to retain other, litigating attorneys.

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In a Collaborative Divorce, the lawyers assist you in resolving issues through a cooperative approach, rather than with adversarial strategies. It is a dispute resolution process that avoids the economic and emotional costs of going to court. This non-adversarial approach allows you, your spouse and the lawyers decide what will work best for you and for your family, rather than letting a judge make the decisions.
At the outset, the lawyers pledge not to go to court under any circumstances. If an agreement cannot be reached, they must withdraw from the case as the attorneys.

The lawyers and the parties agree at the outset to complete, voluntary and informal exchange of information, without the need to go to court.

Informal, four-person conferences are used in which the future of the couple and the family is the focus. Problem solving techniques are used to produce the best agreement possible, tailored to your family's needs.

You, your spouse and each lawyer work as part of a settlement team, not as adversaries.

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

Individual Support

You are each supported by your lawyers, and by a team of financial and other professionals who work to find the best resolution for the entire family.

Less Time & Money

The process is much less costly and time consuming than litigation. The cost of an average limited contested divorce has been estimated at $65,000 and a complex full-courtroom divorce at $250,000. The average total cost of a Collaborative divorce has been computed at $20,292 and the average for a difficult or very difficult Collaborative divorce has been computed to be a total of $27,972.

Private & Confidential

The process is private and confidential ? the case does not go to court

You're In Control

You retain control of the process. No decision can be made unless you agree.

Less Stress

Your case will be resolved with dignity, which benefits you, your spouse and your children.

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